Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Certified Loose Diamonds

The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek word for invincible since it is famous for its hardness. In fact, it is the hardest and most durable naturally forming material on the planet. The only object able to scratch a diamond is another diamond.
Because diamonds are naturally occuring substances they contain marks and irregularities. A truly flawless diamond is a very rare find. Diamonds are also found in a variety of colors, even though the most common is white
. When chemicals are present in the atmosphere during diamond formation it can result in shades such as pink, blue, orange, green and yellow, which is the most common. The more intense the color, the more valuable the diamond will be.

Certified Diamonds – Loose Diamonds

Prior to certified loose diamonds, diamond purchases were a matter of trust between the jeweler and the buyer. Back then a lucky diamond buyer would be given a diamond loupe to examine the diamond for a few seconds. Since very few people are experts in diamond grading, certified loose diamonds offer peace of mind knowing the exact quality of your diamond. Once the quality of the loose diamond has been established, it’ much easier to shop for a diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Clarity – Loose Diamonds

Another key characteristic of quality for loose diamonds is clarity. The clarity grade assigned to loose diamonds signifies how included they are under magnification, but not necessarily what can be seen to the naked eye. All loose diamonds have their own unique clarity characteristics to distinguish them from other stones, similar to a person’s fingerprint. Clarity grading for loose diamonds is considered the most subjective characteristic of the 4C’s and are sure to make beautifull diamond rings.

Diamond Color - Loose Diamonds

One of the most important characteristics of a diamond is its color. Loose diamonds are all graded for color according to the same scale. D is the highest color grade given only to the whitest of loose diamonds. The alphabetical scale extends all the way to Z. The loose diamonds at this end of the alphabet are either brown or yellow in appearance and are not suitable for use in jewelry. Products :-



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